Indomitable forces, ancestral instincts, life which is the measure of time and is also time itself. The Sun: the life-giver. The Lion: force of nature.

The interior of Kenya, on safari: the endless savannah of Tsavo, Lake Amboseli dominated by the great Kilimanjaro, the verdant hills of the Masai Mara, the whole range of African wildlife.

And then again, rivers, lakes, valleys, the great private ranches, the ocean… and everywhere we go, there is a special place carefully selected for you, from tented camps like those of the early explorers to lodges built like cathedrals in the desert, ready to make an “Out of Africa” dream come true.

The murmur of the tide, the sleeping giant's regular sighs: the Ocean. The Marine Park. One hundred kilometres of sea Malindi to Mombasa. Brilliant white beaches and crystal-clear waters protected by three coral reefs where brightly coloured fish dart between coral mother-of-pearl. Tiny boats carved out of tree-trunks, as they have been for thousands of years, offer us the sea's gifts - an octopus, a lobster, a grouper.
Man, the people, the way of life that has not changed in centuries: simple, but wise in its simplicity. The town of Malindi with its mosques and tiny churches, its colourful busy markets and its people with the gift of an eternal smile. The same open smile with which our forty staff members welcome our guests; a smile which makes your stay unforgettable. And Malindi is also folklore; the streets are alive with red-dressed Masai and black-veiled women, Indiand in immaculate kaftans and laughing, half-naked children. Art in Malindi: the old colonial remains in Gede; nature with its centuries-old forests and white san dunes; but also the disco, the casino, the restaurants.
Daring design meets traditional building skills to produce a sea-born miracle. For those who want to go to sea in exclusive style, you can hire Kaliffa, an open boat made entirely by hand by local craftsmen using typical hardwoods. It is the perfect vessel for navigation inside the coral reef and with it we can reach unspoilt coves in style and privacy. Twelve guests and crew can navigate in comfort on Kaliffa and when lunch time arrives, it is served on an enormous table which emerges from nowhere.