Open spaces, total freedom in a unique environment, the sweet sounds of complete relaxation, the delight of discovering… self-discovery.

One of the most exclusive resorts on the Kenyan coast, Lion In The Sun, situated in Malindi on the North Kenyan coast, is miraculously poised between the great Indian Ocean and the timeless spaces of Africa.

Arab and Indian influences blend seamlessly with African architecture, accentuating the cultural heritage of the area.

With seven Suites, seven superior rooms and two singles in the main building and four different annexe structures, our guests will find space, privacy and complete freedom.

A myriad of styles which add up to a unique whole. In Lion In The Sun every interior is different because this is a different resort, an exclusive retreat where every artefact and decoration has its own history and meaning. Details and designs from different times and places fuse together to form meeting areas, hidden retreats or simply spaces where you can bask in the joy of doing nothing.
From when dawn's rosy fingers outline the new day, to the blinding globe of fire which brings life to this earth, through to the scarlet sunsets which paint starting new colours onto the landscape. We have aimed to achieve the perfect balance between architectural imagination and respect for the environment; our five living units in local style lie in a 14.000-square-meter garden cultivated with local plants and shrubs. Our four swimming-pools are filled with salt-water brought directly from the sea, doing away with the need to use precious local fresh water. The residential area lies within a vast fenced property of ove 50.000-square-metres. And beyond that..... infinite open space.
Air, Fire, Earth and Water: the elements of life. Sea, Space, Sun and Nature: Africa, life itself. Outside, a vast garden created using all manner of local plantsand shrubs surrounds our four sea-water pools. Time becomes endless as you pass from sun-bathing by the pool, to an exquisite dinner lit by the stars or by the candles of an intimate summer-house, to a vigorous work-out in our fully-equipped gym and then to a moment of pure self-discovery with the Thalaspa HC.
Nourishing the body and the mind: simple food for the delight of good eating; majestically simple spaces, scents and sounds to feed the mind. Here in Africa the flavours of the simplest of foods acquire a special intensity. We offer an international cuisine which couples the fame Italian imagination with both local and exotic ingredients.

Movement, the engine of change.

Everything is in constant movement in Africa: from the crack of dawn, people, animals, insects and even plants, with their rapid growth, are on the move.

And moving means changing, self-transformation.

Our guests will find a small state-of-the-art gym with an instructor to help those out of exercise get back into movement and to maintain the regimes of those who exercise already.

Kinesis is also available.