Africa: loving the perfection we find in nature and loving Man who, when in harmony with nature, finds himself at its centre.

Six treatment cabins, three sea-water hydrotherapy facilities, manicure and pedicure room.

All in perfectly balanced harmony with the natural surroundings.

Salus per Aquam: health through water. Since ancient times Man has known about the curative effects of the source of life, water. Caracalla founded the first spa in Rome. This ancient science have been reintroduced, using sea water in thalassotherapy combined with the age-old massage techniques of traditional Chinese medicine, alongside the latest discoveries of modern Western medicine.
Balancing body and mind. Purifying the body as a principle of life. Little daily gestures which help us to love ourselves that little bit more. Detoxification is the founding principle of health. Everyday our body needs to get rid of "waste" in order to regenerate itself and stay healthy. When this does not take place, we become ill. Our cure consists in getting used to a diet with few "waste" elements and many nutritional elements, united with hydrotherapy to stimulate the body's whole system of exchange through the skin and the organs. This is completed by massage which gradually stimulates the major organs of the body moving along the meridians traced in the traditions of ancient Chinese medicine. The benefits are felt almost immediately, right from the first session.
Pleasing ourselves in order to please others. Pleasing ourselves. Improving our appearance to feel confident and at peace with ourselves. Learning to accentuate what we might have seen as a defect because that is what makes us unique. Technology has by now reached unthinkable frontiers. Beauty treatments such as "Gente Wave" and "Sonoderm" together with special massage regimes and exclusive plant-based products can, in a few days, produce undreamt-of results.
Dieting seen, not a restriction, but as a way of learning how to eat well. The Biolight Diet is a way of eating which teaches us to use food correctly, avoiding over-burdening our bodies in ways which can then lead it to malfunction. With fibre-rich foods, plenty od fruit and vegetables, a high liquid in-take, the use of vital cereals and the choice of vegetable and fish protein over meat protein, eating becomes a healthy habit which will cut to the minimum the "waste removal" processes and regulate the correct calorie in-take for our daily needs.